FREE 30 hours for 3/4 years & FREE 15 hours for 2 years

FREE 30 hours for 3/4 years & FREE 15 hours for 2 years


Our Commitment to SEND

We are committed to working in partnership with parents/carers and relevant professionals to raise aspirations and expectations for children with SEND by focusing on the holistic development of each child to ensure positive outcomes and to enable all children to fulfil their potential. To achieve this, we will:
*Provide a welcoming, receptive and responsive environment in which parents/carers work in partnership with staff to meet each child’s individual needs
*Ensure effective communication between staff ad children, staff and parents/carer, staff/parents/carers and outside agencies, and staff and other stakeholders
*Ensure that all children have access to a broad and balanced curriculum which is delivered to the highest quality and follows children’s own interests
*Plan for and regularly assess children’s individual needs following a “assess, plan, do, review” cycle involving parents/carers every step of the way

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    *Develop strong leadership and management team to support staff and stakeholders to identify needs and enable them to access training

    *Meet with parents regularly allowing flexibility for meeting times and respecting them as their child’s first educator

    *Ensure transition periods are well planned for and information is transferred promptly and confidentially

    *Work collaboratively with the senior team to monitor progress and provision for children with SEND, and to monitor the accessibility of the physical learning environment, the curriculum and information for children with disabilities

    *Ensure all policies are inclusive and are known, and accessible to all parents/carers and staff

    *Ensure that parents/carers are well informed about the support they can expect to receive by publishing these in our newsletters and on our website